Installation Service:

An effective irrigation system is often a crucial feature in your landscape. A poor watering schedule or no watering schedule can lead to poor plant growth or dead and dying plant material. Moreover, an irrigation system set to a timer can be a huge savings through the conservation of water as your plants, shrubbery, trees, and lawn can be timed to get the correct amount of water needed. Plus, an irrigation system set to a timer can also be a valuable time saver in areas that have very specified watering restrictions. An irrigation system can be set to water your landscape in the early morning hours when more water will be absorbed by your landscape rather than just evaporated into the air.

Maintenance and Spring & Winterization Service:

GNW Landscaping also provides regular maintenance, spring set-up, repair and winterization of sprinkler systems. Over time, as new plants start to mature, adjustments are needed to insure proper water coverage. As part of our spring set-up service, we will visit the site, turn the system on, test each sprinkler head and line to insure proper coverage and that there are no visible leaks or damage, then make sure the timer is set for the proper times. After that all you have to do is simply enjoy your outdoor living.

Come late fall, before the first freeze, the process of irrigation “blow out” becomes a priority for us. If all of the water in the underground pipes is not drained out of the system it can freeze, causing cracks/leaks in the pipes which can lead to costly repairs. Our winterization service covers blowing out all of the water in the lines, inspecting sprinkler heads for any damage that may have occurred during the growing season, then shutting the system down for the winter.

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