GNW landscaping has been providing landscape services in the northwest for over 30 years, enabling us to handle almost any phase of your landscape project from start to finish. Whether you are looking for someone to install your own landscape plan, simply help you come up with some landscape ideas, or to create a complete landscape plan, the professionals at Garner’s Northwest can help.

From simple in-house drawings to more elaborate landscape designs, we assist you in creating the landscape you have always wanted. We can help you develop some ideas and provide a basic drawing that will show you the finished product, or for the more elaborate designs we partner with one of a couple of landscape designers we use, with vast knowledge and experience in the Northwest landscape. We can also work with a landscape designer of your preference.

After your landscape is designed with the perfect trees, shrubs, ground coverings and flowers to match your design taste and maintenance preferences, we select the healthiest plantings from the finest growers in the area to insure that your finished landscape looks spectacular. We install all of your plantings using the correct spacing, accurate root depth, perfect soil mixture, and recommended lighting that each plant needs to thrive. After your landscape is installed, we help educate you on the proper ongoing fertilization, watering, and maintenance needs of each planting.

In addition to installing all of your plant needs, we can meet all of your hardscaping needs as well. Hardscapes are defined as any permanent structure built for your landscape. Hardscapes are designed to add function, usefulness, added outdoor living space, and long lasting beauty to your property. We use a variety of building materials such as wood, stone, brick, stamped concrete, and interlocking blocks and pavers to construct a variety of hardscapes including: retaining walls, sitting walls, walkways, pathways, patios, arbors, fire pits, creekbeds, and other water features. When needed, we partner with other industry experts to provide the finished product you expect.

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Landscape Construction

Creating outdoor spaces that promote relaxation, recreation and deep connection with the natural world.

Landscape Management

Effective landscape management prolongs the lifespan of outdoor spaces.

Snow & Ice

Snow plowing and ice melt application are critical winter maintenance services. We have the right equipment to reduce the risk of slip-and-fall accidents.