Proper drainage is an essential component of your landscape. Garner’s NW Landscaping provides a variety of drainage services. Some Options for dealing with drainage issues include catch basins with underground piping, French Drains, Dry Creek Beds, and Retaining Walls. The key to a proper drainage installation is a complete site inspection initiially. This can indicate possible causes, soil types and many other variables to go into designing a proper drainage system.

The following is a brief description of some of the various drainage systems that can be used. Keep in mind that every property is different and may require a different solution using one or more of the following options.

Catch basins with underground piping require trench excavation and carefully measuring elevation through the use of a transit to assure adequate fall.

French drains, which incorporate the use of perforated pipe, landscape fabric and oversized gravel into the trenches allows surface water over a large area to be caught and directed. The trench can then be filled to the top with gravel, or after correctly wraped with fabric it can be filled with soil, grass or mulch.

Severe problems may call for the addition of catch basins and/or retaining walls to the French drain system. A dry creek bed may be used to direct water which flows through a property. It will follow the natural path of the water, containing it and preventing erosion. Though it is completely visible, as opposed to underground systems, a dry creek bed can be an aesthetically pleasing as well as functional addition to your landscape.

Dry creek bed that captures water during the wet months. With this option excess water that flows off of the surrounding hill is funnel through a dry creek bed and into a catch basin. Once the catch basin fills up it overflows into a connected piping system that directs that water into the storm sewer system.
A rock wall was built with a dry well placed behind the wall. The wall helped eliminate erosion due to excessive water. The dry well behind the wall is large enough to capture the excess water and allow it to filter back into the earth gradually without causing any water issues to the surrounding landscape.

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