A fertilizer program, coupled with a good mowing and watering program, will provide your turf with all the basics for a beautiful and healthy lawn throughout the year. We can customize a fertilizer program just for you. To do this, we take a soil sample from you lawn and have it analyzed. The results tell us the exact fertilizer program needed to help insure your turf is receiving the exact nutrients it needs. In addition to our customized applications we offer some standard application programs that are designed around the general conditions found in the beautiful pacific northwest. The following chart shows the basic programs that we follow. Call if you have any questions or for a free estimate on our fertilizer programs.

Fertilizer Program
Application 7-Step Full Service 6-Step Full Service 5-Step Service 3-Step Service
March Spring weed control Spring weed control Spring weed control Spring weed control
March/April Fertilizer (12-2-8+fe) Fertilizer (12-2-8+fe)    
May Fertilizer (12-2-8+fe) Fertilizer (12-2-8+fe) Fertilizer (12-2-8+fe) Fertilizer (12-2-8+fe)
July/Aug Fertilizer (28-7-14)   Fertilizer (28-7-14)  
Sept./Oct. Broadleaf herbicide Broadleaf herbicide Broadleaf herbicide  
Early Oct. Fertilizer (28-7-14) Fertilizer (28-7-14)    
Late Nov. Fertilizer (11-2-22+fe) Fertilizer (11-2-22+fe) Fertilizer (11-2-22+fe) Fertilizer (11-2-22+fe)

*Actual application dates may vary due to weather and the time you start service.

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