Rock gardens and dry riverbeds give new visual interest and natural beauty to what could be otherwise barren areas. Rock gardens are used in areas of your landscape where many plantings would not be able to grow as well due to lack of fertile soil or proper sunlight. Rock gardens are also very useful in areas of landscape where the goal is to provide a very low maintenance area.

A dry riverbed of rock is a beautiful landscaping approach used in sloping areas to help control erosion. No matter what the original purpose, rocks are a naturally beautiful way to add color, texture, natural sculpture, and visual interest to your landscape. It is just one method our designers use to make your landscape beautiful and functional.

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Landscape Construction

Creating outdoor spaces that promote relaxation, recreation and deep connection with the natural world.

Landscape Management

Effective landscape management prolongs the lifespan of outdoor spaces.

Snow & Ice

Snow plowing and ice melt application are critical winter maintenance services. We have the right equipment to reduce the risk of slip-and-fall accidents.