Before and After
Aerating & Thatching

Year after year, the soil on your lawn gets compressed.  This results in a reduction in the amount of oxygen and nurtrients to the roots of your grass.  Thinning, stress and loss of color result until the soil can no longer support any turf growth.  An estimated 66% of residential lawns are growing on compacted soil.  Core aeration is used to allow air, moisture and fertilizer into the roots.  A one or two inch "plug" of soil is pulled out of the ground.  These plugs will remain on the lawn and decompose. Soil surrounding the plugged holes and the soil deposited on top will collapse and fill in the holes. This controlled removal of small soil cores will allow nutrients back to the root zone of your grass. Core aeration creates healthy roots and thicker, more beautiful lawns.  It is recommended that core aeration be done annually to help prevent over compaction of the soil.

In addition to aerating your lawn thatching should also be down.  Thatching helps remove dead grass & thatch build-up that has occurred over time.  The removal of thatch & dead grass helps water, nutrients and air to reach the grass roots which will help build a more healthy lawn.

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